They assure the love birds that Madhu’s marriage to Prakash will cancelled. She scolds him why he did not get the idea to love her in the first place. The Times Of India. Tarun decides not to express his feelings to Madhu, lest she too react in the same way. The Times of India.

anaganaga akasam undi mp3 song

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Nuvve Kavali

She, in anwganaga distressed mood, says that such guys are a shame towards friendship as they pretend to be friends, but really have other intentions. She says that she does not want to marry Prakash and will tell everyone about them. At the house, the maid tells their parents everything and they come to the station.

anaganaga akasam undi mp3 song

She finally agrees to Prakash’s proposal, but later things start und get a little rough as Prakash doesn’t like the intimacy Tarun and Madhu share. He, Madhu and others leave for Bangalore for a week to participate in a few inter-college competitions.

Madhu grows suspicious of his actions and remembers the drawer which he did not let her open. Another student Prakash Sai Kiran Rama very talented singer, develops feelings towards Madhu when she spontaneously sings along with him at a college function.


Anaganagaa Aakasam Song Lyrics From Nuvve Kavali

His maid Rukku Kovai Saralawho often teases him and Madhu, starts teasing him that he is missing her because he loves her. She goes to his room and is shocked to find the card and gift. They were born on the same day, in the same hospital. The film went on to gross over 20 crores – making it one of the most profitable films during that time.

He casually says that it is all part of life and inevitable. Soon Prakash’s grandmother comes to Madhu’s house to set the date for their marriage. She comes to his room to ask him what to reply and by mistake half opens the drawer in which he kept his greeting card and gift. Chitra and while recording this track, Chitra really emoted at the end of the track by giving soul to the pathos.

Views Read Edit View history. Films by Trivikram Srinivas. The Beginning Pelli Choopulu Baahubali 2: However, by the time the film completed shooting, the makers ended up spending more around 1. Meanwhile, he sees a girl from his college slapping her friend because he proposed to her. At his insistence, she goes through the engagement ceremony.

The Times of India. Films directed by Anaganga. Nuvve Kavali Directed by K. It is decided that after marriage, Madhu will leave with Prakash to USA where his whole family is settled.


Madhu gives him a ride to the station and on the way they remember their entire childhood. He is unable to leave. She says she wishes she did not have to leave and wonders why she had to love Prakash. She scolds him why he did not get the idea to love her in the first place. The Times Of India.

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Tarun and Madhu are inseparable, so much so that they study in the same college in the same class. At this point Tarun, ruled by emotions, hugs Madhu and cries and runs away from her. He buys a gift and greeting card to express himself when she returns.

anaganaga akasam undi mp3 song

This movie brought instant stardom to Hero Tarun and Trivikram Srinivas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.