Migration to other energy sources long overdue. See more of Tough Talk with Mike: Magaya Junior doctors threaten to snub disciplinary hearings Striking doctors are hypocrites: Recently, the South Africa-based musician, who has won a number of accolades, released another gem Maranatha-Come Lord Jesus, an album that has seen him reclaiming the top position on local gospel music charts again. I think with Ebenezer most people thought we had just been lucky, and when we did Mhepo Inoperekedza a few still doubted, but after Maranatha fans are convinced perhaps that we have something to offer to the gospel fraternity. Hallelujah matisvitsa pano Baba!

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Thanks you as well.

Nash Paints operating at half capacity. During ebenezer tiri munyasha Easter Holiday alone we had six engagements in two days both in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Mharidzo – Sermons Religious Organization. However, Maranatha for me remains our best album yet, it has a ebenezef of potential hits and already the song Maranatha has cut through much ground for a track that is less than a year.

We thank God for such grace. Hallelujah matisvitsa pano Baba!

‘Maranatha opened avenues for me’

Junior doctors threaten to snub disciplinary hearings. Chiwenga Guard connives with murder suspect to escape from custody. This should take me through the whole ofmeaning the next album may come or Magaya newsday January 4, Bread prices to go up, again.


Its impact has been so sudden for us, compared to all our previous releases.

See more of Tough Talk with Mike: I now believe God has given me the grace of association. Makore akazara nenyasha norufaro nerudo Makore akazara norugare nebudiriro Tinoti Ebanezer! Magaya Junior doctors threaten to snub disciplinary hearings Striking doctors are hypocrites: Sections of this page.

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You are going to perform at Methodist Ebenezer tiri munyasha of Zimbabwe MCZ 40th autonomy celebrations in August, does this mean you still have a heart with your former paymasters? The hit song, Ebenezer-Tiri Munyasha, became a national anthem such that his following album Mhepo Inoperekedza was overshadowed despite being laden with equally powerful tracks. May 2, at 9: Iti “Jehovha vatisvitsa pano. Munhu wese tamba iwe, munhu wese imba iwe!

Ebenezer- Tiri Munyasha (10th Album)

Tough Talk with Mike: Zvakatora nguva, zvakatora makore Zvakatora ziya rangu ini Zvakatora hushingi asi Jehovah vatisvitsa pano baba! During an event in Germiston SA your manager said that you will take a break after this album, when are you going to release the 14th album? Ebanezer Mwari matisvitsa pano!


Zesa employees injured in freak accident. Ebenezer remains etched in the thoughts and minds of many people as it became like a ground paver. Govt plots opposition clampdown newsday January 4, Mhepo Inoperekedza was actually a ebenezer tiri munyasha album for me, though it may not have had that striking hit song mainly due to overshadowing by Ebenezer the song.

Chief Charumbira faces ouster. Tinoti Ebenezer Nesuwo tiri munyasha Zvairema, zvichirwadza asi Jehovha vatisvitsa pano Nhasi toti mhururu kumatenga! Iya heya Iyaa iyo hiyo hoo. Rev Chivaviro Tinoti Ebenezer! Free medical services for poor Manicaland villagers.

AFTER releasing a gem of an album Ebenezer tiri munyasha Munyasha a few years ago, many thought Reverend Togarepi Chivaviro had reached his peak and that he would not by any chance match those standards.