Dani nodded her head, thankful that Santana was at least saying something to her. Suggested champagne, skinny dipping, and sex after making a successful deal, Nick obliged. Also, when I was little I used to cry at the end of Hocus Pocus. Then real life came into play and everything went wrong. Nick cries because Deya is crying. La soledad y la creatividad vienen de la mano. No matter how small it was.

televisor deya

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Malay mo mas magiging importante sila sa mga taong umiwan sayo. Show More Show Less.

televisor deya

Where the flip is my Deymar content. I wish I knew what was going on in that head of yours I don’t read sings too well and I fell I’m making it worse I try to find out just what’s hurting you I need perspective if I’m ever gonna find the truth, ever gonna find the truth.

So tired of waiting until you came, my whole direction will never be the same. I hope we get to see Deya in a flashback or smth Dani wipes at her eyes and sniffs loudly.


Santana was glad that she had Glee in high school. I’ve waited many days but you’re here now. She had been on shift with Santana for hours and it was wearing on Dani. Patrick Baker Osmo Remix big fan televieor Monstercat tracks http: Suggested champagne, skinny dipping, and teelvisor after making a successful deal, Nick obliged.

Design wise, she is spot on a scene kid. Not all you lose is a loss. Patrick Baker Televisor – Deya feat. And they are currently engaged, so obviously things are going really well for them for now. Sorry for being such a bitch. She was glad that she had walked into that diner that day and met Dani.

televisor deya

Malay mo may dahilan sila, kung bakit sila ang dumating sa buhay mo. She could be so vengeful. This not talking thing was wearing on her. She likes warmth more than he does.

Deya (Osmo Remix)

Kaya kung nagbreak kayo ng boypren mo teh, ngumiti ka. Want to see more posts tagged deya? I am up for some writing! But that is when the breakdown came.


For the first time that week Dani felt safe with Santana again. Pero kung hindi bumalik?

‎Venture EP by Televisor on Apple Music

No matter televsior small it was. Eliza And The Bear. I’ve waited many days but you’re here now taking care of my girl you know somehow and it’s all worked out now that you are here as I’m proud looking down I wipe my tears.

Magpaganda ka, mahalin mo ang sarili mo, babalik at babalik yan kung totoo at kayo talaga. Lust, maybe, but no romantic love.

televisor deya

I know which Wayne and Brandon would pick. Darating tayo sa puntong maraming aalis sa buhay natin—permanente man o pansamantala. Ask redandfranticfeelings a question May as well accept things today cuz idk how long I’ll be out tomorrow bday 2k17 deya answers.

Send me some Dantana and Deya fic prompts to my ask?