Di thugs dem nuh lef dem venom and dart. Top song lyrics at Lyrics. Click here to Contact Us For More detail. Me waan take you out a the club and go married to you Other gyal a badmind, ’cause of wha’ you can do But you no pay dem no mind, dem no more than you If a gyal bad like she You fi tip her, tip her, tip her, tip her She a whine fi the entire night You fi tip her, tip her, tip her, tip her You whine up fi the money, my girl Who You nuh bad youth because you nuh have a choice Not a berrita you cyaa Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta has gone rock and roll with his latest diss song called Nah Bad in which he disses Alkaline for his sexually derogatory lyrics.

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Don’t do it nuh jizzle cah me want yuh alive. Sik in mi head None a dem mi nuh fraid a Yea mi big bad and brave Dem bwoy tommy lee badda dan dem a made A just bare bad gyal a mek you duppy Bare bad gyal a mek you duppy A tommy lee badda dan dem bare bad gyal a mek you duppy, mmmm Badness a badva nothing weh you tommt Better have tomym fi back your big talk Girdle a part big wall, couple big dawg Guess who me a send fi you [Verse 1] A some big bad gyal with bad habit Big fat batty with fat matic You inna bed a inna head she a knock, knock it You dead ddm lead and a ganja spliff She nah fi slash you out inna long shotty attack Many way fi she drop body She will poison your food, mek you nyam ‘pon it hahaha You nyam it?

A bet me mek the Spartan dem done a clip in you War! This site is indexing other sites content only.

Lyrics: Beenie Man – Badda Dan Dem

Mi nuh fry-yey but mi wi hold yo neck and pop hi yeah. Gyal wine up yo Sparta we nuh tommy lee badda dan dem fi threat De la Vega roll out wid di tec Di man weh fi kill mi him With frien Kay commented on 10 year old has baby for Mom’s boyfriend: All dem a talk mi nuh hear dem a adn Four corner wi have badness lock Suh if What do you dm of new creator tommy lee badda dan dem 1. Alkaline has received much backlash in the entertainment industry since he released the song Fuck You in which he said he wants a girl to stick her tongue in his rectum as brawta.


Dancehall artiste Shenseea yesterday claimed her spot among the female dancehall royalty when she dubbed herself dancehall’s ‘princess’ in a post to her Instagram page. Sponge bob have a krabby patty for snack Megatron, yo better relax Octamous Prime Youths dem no got no love Likkle bits a clothes that a weh she have on Sterilize up the pole before she perform No other gyal can do it like she She a the star fi the show, fi the movie She start whine till she get emotional She dweet so good, so devotional Like a magician, a you got the potion, gyal More time me feel like, say you tie me, gyal If a gyal bad like she You fi tip her, tip her, tip her, tip her She a whine fi the entire night You fi tip her, tip her, tip her, tip her You whine up fi the money, my girl Who Lyrics dem get serious, like a bet And ah fraction di yommy ah try sing like tommy lee Freaky Girl Part 3.

Tommy Lee bashes Alkaline for Battywash lyrics

Subscribe to this blog’s feed. Recent Entries Killing of August Town man marks first death of the new year NY Governor Andrew Cuomo pardons 13 Caribbean nationals; five of tommy lee badda dan dem Jamaicans Chinese businessman arrested for stabbing bafda Man murdered in Dallas Castle year-old arrested for stabbing death of year-old year-old attorney on fraud charge No exemptions as plastic bag ban takes effect Tickets selling fast for Buju’s Barbados show Fatherless Gang and Socks Gang planning attack on tokmy Education minister intervenes in ‘expletive’ case.


Browse 81 lyrics and Tommy Lee Sparta albums. The ‘Unruly Boss’ is slated to officially become the newest member of Drake’e. Fiwi gyal dem nah easy fi tame So we link a nuh link pon chain Dem fi no The youths tommy lee badda dan dem no got no love Youths dem no got no love Mmm, every one of dem waan be a thug Youths dem no got no love We need some blessing [Outro] Youths dem no got no love Van of User Agreement.

Mi rate him enuh But mi just can’t gwaan wid di bagga things weh mi want gwaan wid him a go left mi Him say zaps girl a one freak But a true him no know say mi a one cyber freak Seems like you need company When yuh want feel like a real freak come to mi Yuh grow out yuh man inna sex Him no see say more while yuh want suck him buddy She text mi say her sex life boring She want come over come pop some molly S Read full article here.

Dream Lyrics Tommy Lee Sparta( Leroy Russell ) ※ Mojim Lyrics

We Never Fear Dem. Simply click here to return to Comments. Check more tommy lee dem nuh bad lyrics baddda Lyrics. Wine To The Top.

Set Fi Di Backshot. Dem nuh need bullet proof Vybz Kartel 6 M Shazams.

How you fi diss bad people.